The main ways I can be contacted - and the places I check most often, meaning you're more likely to get a reply - are via the comment section on any of the posts on my blog (if you would like a reply this way, click 'notify me' before posting your comment, then you'll see when I answer), via Twitter, Facebook, or via email.

My Twitter is @bookmarksblogs and I can reply to any quick questions or inquiries this way.

My Facebook page is Bookmarks and Blogging.

For longer questions or review requests, I can be contacted by my blog email address:

I do accept review requests and am happy to read both physical and digital copies (although physical is preferred). Genres I am most likely to accept include young adult, fantasy, horror, and graphic novels, but exceptions may be made if I like the synopsis. All reviews are honest and cross posted to Goodreads.

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